USB Flash Drive Encryption

Security for your portable drives

It happens all the time. Flash drives are dropped in parking lots, left on desktops or are just plain swiped when no one is looking. Because these tiny devices can carry around massive amounts of data, they are the most vulnerable to information infiltration. That’s why some companies ban them, while others actually resort to gluing their USB ports shut to avoid any potential leakage.

Sounds like a bad case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Without protection, hackers can get their hands on security codes and private client data. Disgruntled employees can copy sensitive files and plot blackmail. Thieves can have their way with your (sometimes embarrassing) photos or even put your identity at risk. So it’s no wonder companies have taken such drastic measures to defend themselves.

And it’s too bad they didn’t have SensiGuard.

There’s only one way to protect your USB flash drives: encrypt your files. SensiGuard password protects files on your flash drives using strong 256-AES encryption, so only YOU can gain access to your documents and personal photos. If your flash drive gets lost or stolen, no big deal—the drive is useless without you. Even if you upload files from an unsecured computer, you’ll be safe—everything in your SensiGuard USB vault will be impenetrable to intruders.

Don’t let your private files compromise you. Save your USB flash drive—and you’ll be saving yourself.