Lock Your Personal Files To Help Protect Your Identity

Now more than ever, the importance of staying on top of your credit records and purchase decisions is paramount. With an economy on the rocks and creditors raising the bar, who you are on paper can make or break your loan applications, determine the rates you’ll pay for services like insurance, and even influence whether or not you get that new job.

For the nearly nine million Americans falling prey to identity theft each year, these stakes grow even higher. Not only does this translate to roughly $53 Billion in annual identity fraud costs in this country, but also the painstaking hours of reviewing credit reports and submitting fraud alerts for those victims trying to set their own records straight.

Don’t let thieves run away with your life.

Because so many of us depend on our personal computers to conduct online transactions and store important financial, medical and personal records, all it takes is a savvy hacker or a street-smart thief to hijack everything that defines you. If you want to keep your personally identifying information yours, the best defense is data encryption and permanent electronic file shredding.

With SensiGuard, your virtual data stays safely locked up—and only YOU hold the key. So no matter who gets their hands on your machine, they won’t be able to get a handle on your identity.

Life is full of risks. Make it safer with SensiGuard.