Travel With Your Laptop? Better Watch Your Asset.

Lock important files and folders while on the road

With SensiGuard, your laptop stays secure—even if it’s lost or stolen. The 256-bit AES encryption program will prevent intruders from gaining access to your files, passwords, client information and sensitive company data. So even if you lose sight of your laptop, thieves will never see what’s in there.

While credit cards can be canceled and identification replaced, laptops are a veritable goldmine of irrecoverable data. Your client data, company financial records, proposals and contracts are all ripe for the taking. Thieves know weary travelers are apt to worry about the wrong things—and will take their eye off of their laptop for just a moment too long. And if a data-mining thief snatches up your laptop and uses it against you, you could face getting fired—or even sued—for allowing vital company information to go viral.

Last year alone, more than 600,000 laptops were stolen at airports and hotels. The recovery rate? Less than three percent. And according to Safeware, a company that insures computers, laptop theft will increase by 300 percent next year. That is not a typo. What it will be is bad luck for nearly two million travelers.

Why take chances?

Keep your clients. Keep your job. Keep your laptop safe with SensiGuard.